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Why do you need furniture cleaning?
Carpets and fitted carpet are recommended to be cleaned once every six months. And if there are children and pets in your house - every 2-3 months.

This is not just a measure to keep it in a neat condition.
With prolonged use of carpets and area rugs without deep cleaning, there is a possibility that dust mites can hang there, contact of which with the skin of children or animals is highly undesirable.
With self-cleaning, there is no guarantee that the mites completely disappear. Deep carpet cleaning services will help in this.
Service life
Processing your carpet with appropriate cleaning products eliminates pathogens, which extends the life of the product.

Remember that it is not possible to remove dirt and polution yourself with a standard vacuum cleaner and even washing your carpet won't help. In addition, by choosing the wrong cleaning detergent, you can damage the product.
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Why trust us?
Professional cleaning detergents
We use professional cleaning detergents, absolutely safe for your health. Our extensive work experience allows us to choose right combination of detergents to remove dirt, polution and old stains.
We measure PH

Before cleaning the carpet, we take samples of PH saturation. When analyzing PH we can tell what cleaning detergent can remove dirt and polution.
We create a favorable environment for life
After cleaning, we take samples from the carpet surface to make sure that there are no traces of chemicals left in it.
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Why choose us?
We use only high-quality and biodegradable chemicals from the best world brands Chemspec (USA) and Prochem (UK). Cleaning products are safe for people and animals, and also do not have an unpleasant smell. Implementing advanced technologies in the field of wet carpet cleaning allows us to achieve excellent results. You will not recognize your carpet or sofa. Like New? No, better!
We are in touch 24 hours a day, on any day of the week. A polite manager will advise you on the price of the service, lenght of service, and also book you for the most convenient time for you. You just need to call, we will do the rest.
We work in the field of cleaning for more than 2 year. Our specialists have been trained at Prochem, a leading London-based cleaning products company. On our account more than 1500 cleaned carpets and 1000 pieces of furniture. We know how to clean your carpets and furniture without harming the textile.
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Our clients love us
Very friendly and professional a fantastic job tidying up after previous poor attempts in cleaning, very timely and even did the arm on the sofa for free, not that I would encourage that I'm just cheeky.

Farrel Gulierm
A fantastic, professional and reliable company. Great value for money and will be using this company again. My living room carpet was a mess and now looks like new.
Samuel Willson
Fabulous 5 star professional service :)
Friendly, polite and extremely thorough. Job well done!
The sofas he cleaned came up like new! They were brightened, refreshed and completely revived, couldn't be more impressed with the standard.
Sarah Lewin
Excellent service, had sofa 2 chairs and carpet cleaned, nice clean and fresh thank you LionYellow ltd.
Alex Larkins
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Frequently asked questions
1/ Why do I need Professional Carpet Cleaning Services?
We try to clean our carpets by ourselves but the point is that it cannot be compared to the Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning services. The machines we use are the best known on the market for Carpets and Upholstery. They have extremely strong vacuums that leave the carpets slightly damp. They extract all the grime, dirt and sand from the carpets. The detergents we use as well are for professional carpet cleaning services. You cannot achieve those results with brush, sponge and the detergents that you buy from the shops. We can remove various types of stains such as blood, food, juices, wine and etc.
2/ What is the drying time for Carpets and Upholstery?
It will take approximately 2-3 hours for carpets to be completely dry and for upholstery and mattresses it might take up to 6 hours.
3/ Can you remove all stains?
Please note that our aim is to try to remove all stains, however some stains might be permanent and we cannot guarantee that we will be able to wash them. It is of great importance as well when a stain occur to book a professional service asap rather then cleaning it on your own as that might damage the carpet.
4/ How often do I have to clean my carpets?
It is recommendable to professionally clean your carpets at least once in 6 months. However that also depends on how many people live in the house, if you have children, pets, etc.
5/ Are the detergents baby, pet friendly?
All the detergents we use are harmless for your kids and pets.
6/ Who pays for the parking?
Please note that customers have to ensure or pay for the parking if needed.
7/ Are the cleaners insured?
We have public liability cover, we are insured.
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